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Redefining Hairdressing

At Naturally Organic, we believe in hairdressing on a holistic level. It is a place where you are not only able to look beautiful and feel great but you can also be comfortable knowing that you are using the healthiest products available and that your salon is being kind and considerate to the environment.

We recycle waste including foils, colour bottles and only use the clothes dryer to dry towels when we are desperate, not as a normal business practice.

Our focus is not on hair competitions and the pursuit of vacuous awards. If we were to ever pursue a “hairdresser of the year” award it would be for the quality of our in-salon experience. Our precious energy is used to investigate, research, source and trial the healthiest products on the market.

We only support brands that are like ourselves, in that their sole purpose is to create and improve products that are healthier and greener. We support companies who are searching for constant improvement in their production methods and product toxicity. We do not support large companies that create or purchase eco brands to dabble in ‘healthy’ products just to see if it is lucrative or not.

Redefining Products

We will freely give ingredients lists on products we use and will not stock anything unless the manufacturer gives us the ingredients list. You would be surprised how hard they are to get.

We constantly strive to improve our products and methods to evolve our eco-lution. We don’t have all the answers but we are definitely asking all the questions.

Created to Be Different

Created to
Be Different


Head Spa

The true contemporary luxury, is the time dedicated to take care of ourselves. We offer our customers the multi-sensory experience of a SPA hair salon which offers exclusive services created for beauty, well-being and relaxation. A salon where consultation and service personalisation reach standards of excellence and uniqueness.

Hair Services

NATORG is a 100% Certified OWAY Salon, which means you can thoroughly enjoy your hair services without the worry of damaging your hair. Our team of experienced stylists have been trained to ensure we keep the integrity of the hair during any colour service and stay up to date with modern cutting techniques to ensure a high quality cut and colour every time.

Beauty Services

Clean, natural and healthy beauty regimes ensure your delicate skin is protected and nourished no matter the season. NATORG provides a range of beauty services that are free from nasty chemicals while still giving you the highest quality results you are after. From tanning & makeup to treatments and waxing, we have all of your beauty needs covered.

Work With Us

Working for Naturally Organic Hair Salons can be good for you in so many ways and we are always looking for like minded people.

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The Team

Meet Our Expert Team

Felicity Wilson

Group Manager for NATORG

``I have been with NATORG since moving to Australia from New Zealand 4 and a half years ago. Being a third generation hair dresser in my family, it has always been a natural path for me. Finding NATORG was the best thing that could have happened, only ever working with family I thought I would never survive out in the real world. But I stumbled across these guys, and turns out they are now my family too. What I love most about NATORG is the brand and how we learn something new every day. I love learning about holistic hair dressing and have now realised I can never go back to traditional hairdressing. Once you know, you know.``

Ally Hurring


``I’ve been Hairdressing for 17 years now and this is my 1st year with NATORG. I have always had a passion for hair starting from a 4 years old where I was found with a pair of scissors and a barbie doll under my bed.... I progressed quite quickly through my apprenticeship and before I was qualified I went into management. Going on to owning my own salon was my biggest achievement, how ever having a business took me away from what I do best! Helping and seeing people grow is what I’m about and NATORG supports me to be able to do that. When I am on the floor I am a massive blonde fan. Give me a Full head of foils any day!!! The best part about it is I can get my guest blonde without nasty chemicals, Fumes, or compromising the hairs condition. I’m one of those people that can honestly say I love my job... and there’s no where I’d rather be!``

Molly Mcquoid

Senior Stylist

``This is my 5th year hairdressing and first year with NATORG. NATORG has opened my eyes to an alternative way of living every day and I can see my progression which is so exciting. To be surrounded by such kind, smart and strong people is actually very empowering, im excited to see where this path is going to lead me! I specialise in blonde work, balayage, concave bobs and team building activities! Outside the salon I love to sing, play guitar and love to cook``

Gabby Lincoln

Senior Stylist

``I have been hairdressing for 10 years, with 8 of them being at NATORG. NATORG is my crazy, dysfunctional, loud, family (not unlike my own so I feel right at home). My specialty is balayage and provide everyone with some amazing karaoke skills. I am not the best at babysitting chickens though, my boss asked me to look after her chickens while she was on holidays. I don't think she will ever ask me (or anyone) to look after her chickens again. Luckily my hairdressing skills are far better than my chicken caring skills``

Selina McGowan

Senior Stylist

``I have been hairdressing for 15 years now, with 4 years of that being at NATORG. I got married in a castle in Ireland and have a cute little 5 year old pug who likes to share my pillow. I moved to Australia 10 years ago - for a year - and am still here! My favourite thing to do is foiling and blowdries. I love working at NATORG because we are like a big family, we support each other, cheer each other on, and encourage each other. Using cleaner products has made me be able to come to work every day and not feel guilty especially through my pregnancy. We are always encouraged to be ourselves and to be the best we can be.``

Evanna Kavanagh

Senior Stylist

``I’ve been hairdressing for 13 years now and 8 of them with NATORG, I moved to Australia 9 years ago, I love working for NATORG as we are just one big family, I’ve always been very health conscious when it comes to food and love growing my own fruit and vegetables so working with Oway and their beautiful products i know is healthy for both me, the clients and also the environment, I’ve always been a very creative person and love art and love drawing when I have the time and not running around after a very energetic toddler, I love doing blondes and scalp bleach’s are my thing, curly blow dry’s and short hairstyles``

Shontelle Blake

Senior Stylist

``I have been hairdressing for 13 years, with the last 4.5 years at NATORG. I joined the NATORG Family in the hopes that it would be a cleaner, greener alternative to help with my sensitive skin. Becoming about of the NATORG Family has been the biggest breath of fresh air both literally and figuratively, I was able to work all the way through my second pregnancy without any nasty ammonia fumes. I grew up watching Captain Planet and have always been passionate about sustainability so I love working with Oway and Paper not Foil.<br /> I love all aspects of hairdressing but I pride myself in my meticulous foiling/highlighting. I am also REALLY GOOD at diagnosing and treating scalp issues. I am also an obnoxiously proud mum of the two most amazing kids and I may force you to look at photos of them.``

Shantelle Hillman

Senior Stylist

``I have been hairdressing for 5 years and also I completed my apprenticeship with NATORG. I love NATORG because we have no nasty chemicals as I am a sensitive petal. I absolutely love doing balayage and curly blow-dries. Outside work, I love my Staffy and wish I could bring him to work and if you ask I will show you loads of photos of him``

Corey Appleton

Senior Stylist

``I started my career 3 years ago with NATORG and have come to love blonde colouring/foiling, balayage techniques and blowdries, with bouncy blowdries being my specialty. I love working for NATORG because I feel like I have a second family, it aligns with my beliefs and is great to work for a sustainable salon! To be able to do great hair and look after the environment at the same time is what I love! I also have a 13 year old son named martin, he may be furry and barks a lot.``

Tori Johns

Senior Stylist

``I have been in the hair and beauty industry for 6 years now and I’m loving it!<br /> I especially love curly hair & blondes!<br /> I have been with NATORG going on 3 years now, I am allergic to ammonia so it’s great there are now places for hairdressers to work and also clients to come who have these sensitivities to. In the next 5 years I hope to be a beautician as well as a hairdresser traveling the world.``

Georgie Mason

3rd year apprentice

``I’ve worked with NATORG since February so about 8 months , I’ve been hairdressing coming up to 4 years on and off. I’m not really sure of what I love doing yet just because I have only just started doing everything. I love working at NATORG because we have a strong leadership team that cares about it’s employees and clients to the best of their capability. I love working with OWAY and their beautiful products just not having to breathe in toxic fumes, it’s healthier for myself, our clients and our environment. I have spent 135 days overseas in my life and I did physical culture and played hockey for 13 years``

Jessica Mariea

Beautician & 2nd year apprentice

``I first started as a beautician back in 2014 and have been doing makeup artistry since. My 1st year with NATORG I was welcomed into a loving, fun, vibrant and supportive team and immediately fell in love with all things hair. I am extremely passionate about being an amazing colourist and becoming specialised in blondes. I honestly couldn’t think of anything or anywhere else I’d rather be working. I love my job so much that I am constantly doing tonnes or research and watching videos on new techniques some may say I’m even a little obsessed with my work, just ask my family and friends I can’t stop talking about work outside of work. Working in a very Organic and Natural environment I’m still able to express my creativity with colour, styling and makeup using only the best products to create beautiful, healthy, natural looks on women. What more could I ask for?``

Samara Howard

1st year apprentice

``I have just started my career in the hair industry and chose to work at NATORG. I love working here because we care for the environment and it's such a loveable and fun working environment to be apart of! My team know me as extremely gullible, with an infectious laugh and I am the most clumsy person ever! My nick name when I was younger was smiley. I do however make the best coffee, can make anyone laugh and am the best backup girl ever``

Jade Pendergrast

1st year apprentice

``I been with the company for 2 months. I am Fresh to the industry I am currently learning all things hairdressing. I have been told I give a great massage and I LOVE a good chat! I wanted to become a hairdresser because I love the idea that I can have the ability to make people feel confident and good about themselves. I love working for NATORG because the girls are like my family. They really have been open and caring from the moment I walked in. Before I started here, I have fought in the ring 3 times and have been doing Karate for 13 years!``

Heidi Rich

1st year apprentice

``NATORG has given me the opportunity to start my hairdressing dream as a first year apprentice , I've only been working for NATORG for a few weeks and I've already fallen in love with the products and how all the salons work as a team, since I was a little girl, I have always loved playing with hair and experimenting with different styles, hair has endless possibilities......``

Georgia Campbell

1st year apprentice

``This is my first year as both a hairdresser and working for NATORG. In my short few days of working here you can already tell its just such a wonderful environment to be apart of and i’ve already learnt so much about how to help the environment while being in the salon! I pride myself in my customer service and cleaning skills! I come from a big family of 12, am a great cook and I love drawing``