We have an amazing team of stylists dedicated to delivering beautiful hair with experience and knowledge.

At Naturally Organic, we believe in hairdressing on a holistic level. It is a place where you are not only able to look beautiful and feel great but you can also be comfortable knowing that you are using the healthiest products available and that your salon is being kind and considerate to the environment.

We recycle waste including foils, colour bottles and only use the clothes dryer to dry towels when we are desperate, not as a normal business practice.


Our focus is not on hair competitions and the pursuit of vacuous awards. If we were to ever pursue a “hairdresser of the year” award it would be for the quality of our in-salon experience. Our precious energy is used to investigate, research, source and trial the healthiest products on the market.

We only support brands that are like ourselves, in that their sole purpose is to create and improve products that are healthier and greener. We support companies who are searching for constant improvement in their production methods and product toxicity. We do not support large companies that create or purchase eco brands to dabble in ‘healthy’ products just to see if it is lucrative or not.


We will freely give ingredients lists on products we use and will not stock anything unless the manufacturer gives us the ingredients list. You would be surprised how hard they are to get.

We constantly strive to improve our products and methods to evolve our eco-lution. We don’t have all the answers but we are definitely asking all the questions.

Beauty or health? I don’t want to choose.

Welcome to the world of organic way sustainable luxury.


“Usually it takes health deterioration or illness to start the journey of eliminating health risks in our lives. For me it was no different. When someone said through adversity comes true greatness they were right. _

After twenty years of being a career woman, wife, mother etc my body was starting to tell me to slow down and I didn’t want to rely on medication for the rest of my life as my cure. It forced me to find solutions to improve my health.

We sold the house, then found another that I could have my veges, chooks and ducks. I left full time work and then began the journey of a less toxic lifestyle believing my body was working so hard to eliminate those toxins first that I had nothing left to repair my immune system and restore my health.

Changing all my food and products wasn’t too hard, there are many great toxic free and organic products on the market these days and there is great information everywhere. However, when it came to my hair I found it very difficult to find anyone that knew anything about hair colour and its impacts on health and the thought of going grey was inconceivable. Hence the birth of Naturally Organic Hair Salons: the creation of a salon that I want to be able to visit.

A salon that is focused on using products that are positive to our health, not deteriorating it. A salon that constantly strives to be better for their clients and themselves. A salon that employs caring, nurturing staff that are about improving lives not their resumes.

I hope you enjoy the experience…….”


Greenfully designed, consciously made.