About us

Redefining Hairdressing

At Naturally Organic, we believe in hairdressing on a holistic level. It is a place where you are not only able to look beautiful and feel great but you can also be comfortable knowing that you are using the healthiest products available and that your salon is being kind and considerate to the environment.

We recycle waste including foils, colour bottles and only use the clothes dryer to dry towels when we are desperate, not as a normal business practice.

Our focus is not on hair competitions and the pursuit of vacuous awards. If we were to ever pursue a “hairdresser of the year” award it would be for the quality of our in-salon experience. Our precious energy is used to investigate, research, source and trial the healthiest products on the market.

We only support brands that are like ourselves, in that their sole purpose is to create and improve products that are healthier and greener. We support companies who are searching for constant improvement in their production methods and product toxicity. We do not support large companies that create or purchase eco brands to dabble in ‘healthy’ products just to see if it is lucrative or not.

Redefining Products

We will freely give ingredients lists on products we use and will not stock anything unless the manufacturer gives us the ingredients list. You would be surprised how hard they are to get.

We constantly strive to improve our products and methods to evolve our eco-lution. We don’t have all the answers but we are definitely asking all the questions.

Created to Be Different

Created to
Be Different


Head Spa

The true contemporary luxury, is the time dedicated to take care of ourselves. We offer our customers the multi-sensory experience of a SPA hair salon which offers exclusive services created for beauty, well-being and relaxation. A salon where consultation and service personalisation reach standards of excellence and uniqueness.

Hair Services

NATORG is a 100% Certified OWAY Salon, which means you can thoroughly enjoy your hair services without the worry of damaging your hair. Our team of experienced stylists have been trained to ensure we keep the integrity of the hair during any colour service and stay up to date with modern cutting techniques to ensure a high quality cut and colour every time.

Beauty Services

Clean, natural and healthy beauty regimes ensure your delicate skin is protected and nourished no matter the season. NATORG provides a range of beauty services that are free from nasty chemicals while still giving you the highest quality results you are after. From tanning & makeup to treatments and waxing, we have all of your beauty needs covered.

Work With Us

Working for Naturally Organic Hair Salons can be good for you in so many ways and we are always looking for like minded people.

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The Team

Meet Our Expert Team

Natorg staff - Felicity

Group Manager for NATORG

I have been with Natorg since moving to Australia from New Zealand six years ago. Being a third-generation hairdresser in my family, it has always been a natural path for me. Finding Natorg was the best thing that could have happened, only ever working with family I thought I would never survive out in the real world. But I stumbled across these guys and turns out they are now my family too. What I love most about Natorg is the brand and how we learn something new every day. I love learning about holistic hairdressing and have now realised I can never go back to traditional hairdressing. Once you know, you know.

Natorg staff - Gabby Lincoln

Manager/Senior Stylist

My nine years at Natorg has been a wild ride! I have been in every role possible, from crazy hyperactive apprentice, to crazy hyperactive manager! I LOVE blondes and colour corrections. Come at me with your trickiest colour ideas! Thanks to the amazing experiences at Natorg. I am now able to pass on my hairdressing knowledge to our apprentices who I train every Wednesday. In my (non-existent) spare time I teach dancing and love to go on walks with my little boy Archie and puppy, Margaret.

Natorg staff - Adam Fortune

Manager/Senior Stylist

When looking to take my career in a different direction I was drawn to Natorg, the sustainable way it conducts itself has benefits for not only the clients but also the staff. Although I have been hairdressing for well over a decade now, I still love working with people to achieve their hair goals. I love creating soft natural looks that compliment not only the hair but also the lifestyle of our clientele. Outside of the salon I enjoy spending time with my family, beach days or working in my garden.

Natorg staff - Shontelle Blake

Manager/Senior Stylist

I have been lucky enough to be part of the Natorg family since 2014. I had been hairdressing since 2005 and there is nothing, I love more than helping someone achieve their hair goals. I love all aspects of hairdressing, but I pride myself in my meticulous foiling/highlighting and tailoring each service to the unique individual you are. I am also passionate about diagnosing and treating scalp issues. I am a huge advocate for sustainability, and I love working with like minded brands. Follow me on Instagram for some of my work and a few how-to's.

Natorg staff - Corey Appleton

Manager/Senior Stylist

I started my hairdressing career with Natorg in early 2016, now I can’t imagine my life without it. I’m a huge animal lover and the environment is very important to me, so working in a salon that not only supports but shares this value is a dream come true. I’m most excited by foiling and balayage, but the best part of my job is the smile on my clients face when they love their new look. In my spare time you’ll probably find me spending time with my family, cooped up with a good book or shopping the local op shops.

Natorg staff - Joselyn Chilcott

Manager/Senior Stylist

I started my hairdressing career 6 years ago, and 3 of those years I have been growing alongside Natorg. My favourite things about working with Natorg is my team, coming to a workplace every day where we all support each other is such a crucial aspect in life for me. I love doing blondes in the salon, the thrill I get once I see that blonde hair come back from the basin to the chair and I know I have nailed it, is out of this world. When I am not working I love being outside, spending time with my family and friends, going to the beach and just absorbing life.

Natorg staff - Selina McGowan

Senior Stylist

Internationally trained with over 17 years of experience, I have checked out the industry from every angle in that time having worked at every level from apprentice to senior stylist, to management and even owned my own Hair studio in Ireland. I have worked in high end salons in Ireland, Melbourne and Brisbane, having worked with Natorg for almost 6 years now. I’m the happiest when I am doing foils or blondes in general, I’m obsessed with the difference we can make and still walk out with strong healthy hair and taking care of our planet at the same time. Outside work you will find me chasing my 2 year old son who seems to run on batteries that never run out!

Natorg staff - Shantelle Hillman

Senior Stylist

I have been hairdressing for 7 years - all 7 of them with Natorg. I definitely love our team, let’s face it anyone who meets us knows we’re more like a family than anything. I love everything that Natorg stands for and I cannot wait for more growth throughout the salons. I absolutely love doing balayage and curly blow dries. I’m a soon to be mum but don’t worry I’ll be back around the salons soon enough. I don’t think they could ever get rid of me.

Natorg staff - Samara Howard

Junior Stylist

I started my career in Hairdressing here at Natorg and am currently in the 2nd year of my apprenticeship. For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be a hairdresser because I grew up watching my Nana when she was a hair stylist. Over the past 2 years, Natorg has encouraged me to grow as an emerging hair stylist as well as helping me grow in my confidence and as a person! One of my favourite things about working with Natorg is that our products are natural and organically sourced from a biodynamic farm! I'm excited for a long future here at Natorg!

Natorg staff - Alana Prowse

Senior Stylist

I’ve been with NATORG for 4 months now and it’s the best decision I have ever made! In the short amount of time I’ve been here I have learnt so much and have been given room to grow. I’m passionate about all aspects of hairdressing! I love working for Natorg because of the low toxicity of the colour and the sustainable and ethical products. It’s guilt free, good for the environment and good for my health long term, I’m so excited for my future working with such an amazing company.

Natorg staff - Jade Pendergrast

Junior Stylist

I began my hairdressing journey in 2018... it all started as a spontaneous decision... but I loved my job from the second I started. I get to be creative. Everyday is different whether it’s a new face, different blowdry, cut or colour. By the way I love a good curly blowdry. My career lets me have the opportunity to make people feel good, which I think is the coolest!! (Always wanted to work in a career where I could make a positive impact on someone) Not to mention working in a sustainable workplace with amazing products. Working with only the best team... fun, crazy and so supportive. So here I am doing what has become my dream job. Fun facts I love reading, going to the gym, eating food and I want to travel.

Natorg staff - George Campbell

Junior Stylist

Howdy! I’m George, I love to cook, draw and have funky hair. I started with Natorg in late 2018 as a first year apprentice and I wanted to become a hairdresser not just because I love crazy colours and spunky cuts, but because when clients leave the salon feeling better than when they came in, It’s like magic. Knowing that I can change how someone feels about themselves for the better is why I love being a hairdresser.

Natorg staff - Bronte Grambower

Junior Stylist

This is my first year of hairdressing. You’ll find me learning the ropes at Natorg Clayfield. I’m most excited to learn how to cut and style all hair types. Working here is really exciting for me because sustainability and where plastic ends up is an important issue to me, and it’s important to Natorg too. When I’m not at work I love playing with makeup to create new and different looks.